Niagara Falls Club Track 1964
Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, 1972
Streetsville Motocross, 1972
#24 Paul Duncan

Legends of Canadian Motocross

Preserving the History of Canadian Motocross

Legends of Canadian Motocross (LCM) project is aimed at preserving the history of Canadian Motocross and all those whose contributions have become legendary. It is as much an educational tool as it is a resource and cornerstone to the legacy of MX in Canada. Our goal is to publish a racing bio of all of the great Motocrossers that have excelled to be champions. You can help by contributing to the library. 

Created by Bill Petro as a way to display some of the thousands of images that were captured through his career as a Photojournalist within the Canadian motorcycle community. In 1972 while attending Photography courses at Connestoga College in Kitchener Ontario, he started going to the Motocross races that his brother George was racing in. It was a great way to practice his photo skills . Soon his pictures were being purchased by the riders and then the magazines. It wasn't long before his talents were noticed by Cycle Canada Magazine. At the time it was a new national magazine with all of the motorcycle news for the Canadian enthusiasts. 



Recent Updates

Jay Kimber

Jay KimberFenwick, Ontario native Jay Kimber belongs to a group of unsung Canadian motocross heroes who have been all but forgotten. Kimber, who graced the Canadian motocross circuit from 1971 to 1981, was one of the toughest competitors of his generation.

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Bill Sharpless

Bill SharplessScrambles, dirt track, enduro, trial, road racing and endurance, in a career that spanned 22 years, Bill Sharpless rode them all. And he wasn’t just a dabbler. He tackled each discipline with panache, verve, and a winning form, earning himself the handle of “all-rounder” in the process.

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Ron Keys

Ron KeysRon Keys is another case in point for those who believe that champions are born, not made. One weather-perfect Saturday in 1966, when Keys was 19 years old, he showed up out of the blue at a motocross track not far from his home in Oshawa, ON with a 305 Honda “Superhawk”, much to the amusement of everyone concerned.

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Jan-Eric Sällqvist

Jan-Eric SällqvistAlthough 1960/70s Swedish motocross sensation Jan-Eric Sällqvist wasn’t the first foreign import to contest the Canadian National Motocross Championship, he was by far the most successful. Riders like Finland’s Seppo Makinen and Jorma Rautiainen, and Czechoslovakia’s Zdeno Syrovy and Vlastimil Valek, had preceded and won national No.1 plates before Sällqvist but none tallied his total championship booty.

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Glen Nicholson

Glen NicholsonAlthough Glen Nicholson never captured the elusive National No.1 plate during his career, he was one of the best riders to grace the Canadian Pro motocross scene during the 1980s, especially in the 500cc class. Nicholson started racing in the Schoolboy ranks in 1979 and showed great promise from day one.

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Doug Hoover

Doug HooverWhen Doug “Sweeper” Hoover retired from motocross in 1988, at the relatively early age of 24, the sport lost one its best and most colourful competitors. In a career that spanned 11 years, the Mount Albert, ON native not only won all the pre-requisite amateur championships, he garnered two Expert National titles and numerous Ontario Provincial crowns.

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