2014 Legends of Canadian Motocross Tour

We started the year off with a very successful first show at the Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto and then the Toronto Motorcycle show and the Spring Motorcycle Show. It was great to talk to everyone and we signed up our first members. Although our legal battles slowed our progress down we were able to take advantage of Ross Pederson’s availability and bring him in for an appearance at the Toronto Supercross. What a night that was with the US Legends and Hero’s Tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Supercross. Canadian Motocross Legends Dave McLean and Ross Pederson, along with Can-Am motorcycles were honoured.

During the summer months we were a bit idle and only got to 2 of the Nationals, Dand Del Lee and Walton. Jay Kimber came out with me to Sand Del Lee and helped give out posters and MXP Magazines as well as bench race with any one who dared. At Walton I teamed up with Brent Worrall from Vernon BC. Brent has been filling the internet on Wednesday evenings with The Canadian Motoshow ( 6-8 pm Pacific time and 9-11 Eastern), a live talk show that reaches out to all corners of the Canadian Motocross community. Brent connects with Canadian MX racers of all ages and levels.

Thanks you all you who came out and shared your stories with us. We hope that you got as much out of it as we did.